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Recovery from addiction, although difficult, is possible. This personal transformation is a journey, not a destination, and we celebrate each participant's individual experience in that process. Every day we see addicts walking out these steps to their own freedom from addiction. With spiritual, mental, and emotional support addicts can live life in restoration rather than desperation. 


"I have become more fully alive than I ever dreamed possible and that is God’s gift to me, transforming me from a dead man on the walking to one who enjoys this adventure called life."

"With the renewing of my mind, learning a better thinking process, and working daily on better habits, I have begun to change. Today, I am recovering in Christ on a daily basis, an inside-out work in process."

"ARC Recovery Services and God gave me a NEW life...I am not lucky, I am loved.  I am so grateful, thankful, and full of gratitude.  All the glory and the praise to God.  ARC Recovery is beautiful."

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