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We currently oversee the operating of 2 men's recovery homes and 1 brand new women's recovery home.  Among the three houses, we have capacity for 19 people, assisting them in finding their path to recovery.  To find out more about our recovery homes, call our office at (330)253-8803 M-F 9am-3pm.
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Vision Statement
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We can attest from both personal experience on behalf of our staff and the successful participants we serve, that those struggling with addiction can and do recover. To read more about these recovery stories, read our Testimonies page.

It is our belief that real recovery considers the whole person, and our program aims for this holistic approach. Click here to read our Philosophy of Addiction & Recovery.

ARC Recovery Services seeks to provide an opportunity for men and women, who are seeking to leave a lifestyle of addiction and enter into a lifestyle of recovery. Click here for our full Vision Statement.

Recovery Fest 2021

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